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Homefront Hangout

This past November, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden announced her Joining Forces initiative will partner with the Hidden Helpers Coalition to address the serious concerns found in the Elizabeth Dole Foundation's commissioned study of children from military and veteran caregiving homes. The study revealed children of military and veteran caregivers struggle with increased levels of stress, stigmatization, and significant disruption in their lives

To show our support and commitment, we introduced our newest program, Homefront Hangout. Teens, who have experienced the challenges associated with living in a home with a wounded veteran, are paired with Tweens, who are currently navigating these challenges, to increase Tweens’ sense of hope, strengthen support networks, and provide Tweens with a firm foundation of resiliency. But we need your help to make this program a success for our Tweens and Teens!

Together, let's stand with our Hidden Heroes and help grow their support network!

After the 6-week program, we want to celebrate our Tweens, Teens, and their caregivers parents by hosting a Restorative Weekend in June!

Program Highlights: Expected Outcomes:
Cross-age peer matches Expand support system
Six-week program Learn how to cope with challenges
Training for Teens Increased sense of hope
Weekly virtual meetings Firm foundation of resiliency
Fun activities Form lifelong friendships
Supportive conversation

Ways to support Teen and Tween Hidden Heroes



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