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Caregivers Uncorked Podcast

Caregivers Uncorked is a podcast hosted by Shawn Moore and Natasha Swayze from Operation Frontline Families. Both Shawn and Natasha are social workers who care for their veterans. This isn't your normal podcast about caregiving! Tune in to hear all about the things no one else talks about, tips and tricks and a whole bunch of sarcastic humor!

New episodes are published every Thursday at 5:00am CST.

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Next Episode First Responder Families Serve Too.

Airing on February 22, 2024 at 5:00AM CST

Operation Frontline Families supports not only veteran and military family members but first responder families as well! With the events in our hometown of Kansas City last week, this week's episode is more than timely. Can you imagine watching the Super Bowl parade on TV knowing your loved one is working and running towards the danger? Can you imagine being at the parade, knowing your family is there but having to do your job all while wondering if they are alright? Our first responder family members deserve our communities support. They hold the fort down at home with little support.

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